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Claim a Costume

Take a rummage through the wardrobe...
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Right so here's the deal... Members of this Community are able to claim (albeit virtually) the costume or outfit of any person they want, it could be a cartoon character,a sports star, a movie star, or simply one of your friends. As always there are certain "rules" that apply:

1) New members get TWO free claims when they join
2) Any claim thereafter must be "paid" for using either an icon or fanfiction that includes the costume in question
3) When claiming, please provide a photo of the costume, so we know exactly what you mean, and can make a banner certifying you virtually own the costume
4) Please do not make the pictures huge, about 200 pixels in height or width is ample
5) Costumes can only be claimed once, so look back and check to see if your choice is still available
6) Costumes CANNOT be dropped and replaced, if you drop a costume, any additional ones will have to be paid for
7) Once a costume is dropped, it cannot be reinstated unless no one else has claimed it after you
8) All Claims must be "clean", Claims of an indecent nature will result in a refusal, persistantly indecent claimers will be removed

With that out of the way, the following people have claimed the following costumes:

[+] Freddie Mercury's concert outfit and Captain Jack Sparrows outfit claimed by soul_searcher_4
[+] Joe Denly's training kit and Abi Whistler's outfit from Blade Trinity claimed by natalieleach89
[+] Elizabeth the First's Coronation attire and the outfit worn by Isabella of Portugal claimed by missmartyn
[+] Moulin Rouge's red Smouldering Temptress dress and Lucilla's gown from Gladiator claimed by feli_valkyria
[+] Sigourney Weaver's outfit as Ripley from the Alien claimed by blacklili
[+] Elizabeth I's red dress and Diane Kuger's “Helen” costume in Troy claimed by ariese14
[+] William's Wish Wellingtons claimed by modgem

Banners: natalieleach89
html on userinfo page: stargazer89